Jiangsu Pracgen Biopharm Technology Co.,Ltd

Jiangsu Pracgen Biopharm Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2018 and located in Nanjing Biomedicine Valley, is devoted to providing customers with one-stop and customized CDMO&CRO services to meet customers' extensive needs from cell and gene therapy drug R&D stage to GMP production. Pracgen has established advanced technologies and rich experience in gene editing, plasmid and virus vector preparation, cell process development, GMP production and so on.

With proprietary plasmid and viral vector production technology, Pracgen is able to provide customers with a variety of services such as process development, pilot test and clinical product preparation, quality research and IND application, and effectively energize the R&D and production of cell and gene therapy drugs. Its production technology in biological plasmid, lentivirus, retrovirus, adeno-associated virus and other vectors have reached the industry-leading level, with lower cost and more stable quality, thereby winning wide recognition from customers. In addition, Pracgen offers contract research, process development and GMP production services for various immune cells including CAR-T, CAR-NK and CAR-M to accelerate the clinical transformation of customers' products and benefit more patients.

R&D center and Manufacturing Base
5000m2 integrated CRO and CDMO service platform
Virus production:
2000m 2
Plasmid production:
1000m 2
Analytical development and QC platform:
1000m 2
Process optimization and scale-up:
500m 2
5000 m2 of GMP production and quality control base to provide professional CDMO services for cell therapy and gene therapy.
5500 m2 translational center is used for R&D , process development, and small-scale production