CRISPR-Cas9:The CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing system is a specific DNA modification technique for targeting genes. It combines the Cas9 protein with directed RNA, and uses the CRISPR complex to perform a precise location and cutting function, which can silence any single gene. Compared with ZFN and TALEN, CRISPR/Cas9 is easier to operate, more efficient, and can simultaneously introduce multiple mutations at different sites.

Pracgen now provides gene editing related services and Quick Edit CRISPR/Cas9 Cloning Kit .


1 Provide customized target gene knockout service

2 Provide customized sgRNA-Cas9 lentiviral vectors service

3. Provide target gene knockout stable cell lines service

4 Provide CRISPR screening service

5. Provide Quick Edit CRISPR-Cas9 Cloning Kit



Example results


FIG. 1 M is DNA Marker, - negative control, and +  hsFOXR1 knockout cell pool

FIG. 2 M is DNA Marker, 1  hsFOXR1 knockout cell line, and 2  non-knockout control


FIG. 3 HsFOXR1 expression of A549 cell knockout gene detected by fluorescence quantitative PCR.

A  hsGAPDH expression control

Group B hsFOXR1 knockout group expression. A549 non-knockout control group, A549 hsFOXR1 knockout group, negative control;

FIG. 4 Gene knockout sequencing result;

A549 HsFOXR1 gene sequencing result and A549 hsFOXR1 gene knockout sequencing result



Excellent technical team with proven track record;

Rich experience in gene editing projects;

Complete gene editing solution;

Super high gene editing efficiency ;

More Info:

 Quick Edit CRISPR-Cas9 Cloning Kit use pCAS9-sgRNA-puro vector construction & lentiviral vector packaging to simultaneously express spCas9, sgRNA and puromycin. It is also used for target gene knockout by cutting genomic DNA. Successful transfected / infected cells can be screened with puromycin to raise the rate of target gene knockout.

Product characteristics:

One-step to construct pCas9-sgRNA-puro vector

High positive rate

Simultaneous expression of Cas9 protein, sgRNA and puromycin

Directly used for transient experiments or lentiviral vector packaging

Storage conditions: 293T-GFP cell line stored at -80℃, the rest reagents stored at -20℃

Materials: Plasmid extraction kit, Self-provided puromycin, etc.


Brief steps:

1.  Designs gRNA and synthesis oligos;

2. sgRNA oligos anneal to form cohesive ends;

3. Linearized vector connected and transformed

4. Positive clone identification and sequencing;

5. Target gene knockout and identification;

Product advantages

1 easy to operate

2 High stability

3 Suitable for a variety of cells

4 Contain puro resistance for screening

5 Transient transfection, or lentiviral vector packaging

6 Include all major reagents

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