Pracgen’s virus technical team is composed of virology experts with decades of industry experience. We have developed protocols for both adherent and serum-free suspension lentivirus production, and the latter method eliminates the need to examine exogenous serum residues. Serum-free suspension lentivirus production makes the process safer and greatly increases yields. Furthermore, all of our virus production processes strictly comply with GMP production requirements, and the virus titer can reach 1e7 TU/mL, representing top global industries standards. Pracgen’s high-quality lentiviruses feature extraordinary purity and stability, and as such are increasingly being recognized by our valued partners and clients.



  • Stable

    Stable adherent and suspension production process

    Virus stability is high; can remain stable for over 1 year

    China and US IND application experience

  • High efficiency

     virus purification is completed within 8 hours with high efficiency 

    Virus purification yield is high; overall yield of more than 20%

    Transfection efficiency is high; the initial virus titer is over 1x107 TU/ml, and virus titer after purification is above 1x109 TU/ml.

    We offer continuous, scalable production; and each batch meet minimum 1,000 human dosage

  • Safety

    serum-free, avoiding the need to inspection for exogenous serum factors

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Lentivirus   packaging

There are two   cell culture methods, namely, suspension culture and adherent culture, with   virus titer over 1×106TU/ml, fast purification, high yield and good quality.  Pracgen provides research and clinical grade   viruses to customers.

Retrovirus packaging

Two kinds of   retrovirus packaging services: transient packaging and stable expression,   with high titer expression over 1×106 TU/ml, the retroviral transduction   efficiency is as high as 80%, which can be used in the field of cell therapy   such as CAR-T and CAR-NK, exerting little effect on the activity of immune   cells.

AAV packaging

It has   suspension packaging cell lines. AAV packaging and purification methods can   be developed according to customer processes. The world's leading bioreactor   is used for cell culture and virus packaging.

Oncolytic   virus production

Host cell   lines are made from traceable institution. The three-level cell bank meets   the IND application requirements. There are two cell culture methods, namely,   suspension culture and adherent culture. Purification process development,   optimization and pilot scale production are available.


Process development service content and price



Delivery standard


Cell line screening

2-3 months

Meet ChP requirements


Three-level cell bank   establishment

3-4 weeks

Meet ChP requirements

Cell culture process development   and validation

3-4 months

Subject to contract

Purification process development   and validation

1.5-3 months

Subject to contract

Formulation development

1.5-2 months

Subject to contract

Study on stability of preparation

6 months – 2 years

Subject to contract

Test methodology development

Depending on method

Meet ChP requirements

Test methodology validation

Depending on method

Meet ChP requirements

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