With the rapid development of immunology, molecular technologies, along with tissue engineering technologies, cellular immunotherapy has played an increasingly prominent role as a safe and effective means of clinical treatment, and has been acknowledged as "the third pillar of future medicine".

Pracgen is committed to providing one-stop integrated solutions, from early in-vitro functional verification to GMP plasmid/virus/cell production, from process optimization to final IND application. Pracgen has a team including R&D, production, quality control, and clinical registration declaration personnel with decades of experience. Pracgen is capable of providing gene and cell therapy customers with high standards and professional services, so that biopharmaceuticals could focus on core R&D innovation, accelerate drug development and shorten their time to market.


(1)Proof of concept


            Gene Editing

            Stable Cell Lines

(2)Process development optimization


            GMP grade Plasmid Manufacturing

            GMP grade Virus Manufacturing

            Cell Manufacturing

(4)Quality System

(5)IND Application

(6)Analysis & Testing

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